Sisteron 2024

April 20, 2024




04200 Vaumeilh, France


Open to all service (inc. FTRS) members of the RAFGSA.

Min qualification to attend is solo endorsement.

Max attendance – 20 personnel at any one time.

The mission is to execute a mountain gliding expedition to Sisteron, French Alps. Aims of the Expedition are to:

  • Develop the leadership and personal qualities of expedition personnel.
  • Provide advanced flying training and instruction for glider pilots, including those inexperienced in mountain gliding, in the challenging conditions encountered in the Alps.
  • Extend the knowledge and experience gained by pilots on previous mountain flying expeditions.
  • Train mountain-experienced RAFGSA instructors to allow the safe and effective supervision and running of future Service mountain gliding expeditions.
  • Raise the standards of airmanship and flying skills to further contribute to flight safety across the RAFGSA and the RAF.
  • To provide an opportunity for pilots to gain advanced awards as laid down by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).
  • To allow suitably qualified pilots to address the UK 2-Seater records, if conditions permit, in terms of height, speed and cross-country distances.

Planned Fleet:

  • Duo Discus x 4
  • Discus 2CT
  • Discus
  • LS8
  • ASK-21


Depart UK on 20 April – Return to the UK on 5 May 2024

Part attendance is possible. Please indicate dates available on the application form. Due to high demand places may only be allocated for 1 week to maximise attendance. Travel to and from the exped for part attendance will be via Marseille airport and admissible as duty travel.

Planned Accommodation:

Les Terrasses du Châtelard – approx 10 mins from Sisteron Airfield.

Personal Cost:

Funding streams are currently being identified. There will be a personal contribution / deposit required for attendance, however we will aim to keep this as small as possible. The cost breakdown is expected as follows:

• Approx £250 per week excluding flying (this covers accommodation / glider hire / other ancillary costs)
• Individual flying bills will depend on the amount of flying undertaken. Typical aerotow cost is £60. There will be no soaring fees. Aerotow bills will be split 70/30% between student and instructor unless otherwise agreed.
• An individual’s typical flying bill will be approx £150 per week. Final figure will depend on how much flying you do! On average, pilots can expect to gain 25 flying hours during the 2 week exped.

The personal costs identified above should be a worse case scenario. Any funding will be used to offset this individual cost. It is hoped that when funding is secured the personal cost will be in the region of £150 per week.

As this is an ‘on duty’ activity you will be able to claim Cash in Lieu of Rations (CILOR) to help with food costs as well as travel at public expense.

For any questions contact:

[email protected]