Sisteron 2020

April 26, 2020


Name Flt Lt Luke Dale Email [email protected] Category Expedition




04200 Vaumeilh, France


Open to all members of the RAFGSA, RNGSA & AGA

The mission is to execute a mountain gliding expedition to Sisteron, French Alps. Aims of the Expedition are to:

  • Develop the leadership and personal qualities of expedition personnel.
  • Provide advanced flying training and instruction for glider pilots, including those inexperienced in mountain gliding, in the challenging conditions encountered in the Alps.
  • Extend the knowledge and experience gained by pilots on previous mountain flying expeditions.
  • Train mountain-experienced RAFGSA instructors to allow the safe and effective supervision and running of future Service mountain gliding expeditions.
  • Raise the standards of airmanship and flying skills to further contribute to flight safety across the RAFGSA and the RAF.
  • To provide an opportunity for pilots to gain advanced awards as laid down by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).
  • To allow suitably qualified pilots to address the UK 2-Seater records, if conditions permit, in terms of height, speed and cross-country distances.

Planned Fleet:

  • Duo Discus x 6
  • Discus 2CT
  • Discus
  • LS8
  • LS4
  • DG505
  • DG1000
  • ASK-21


• Approx £250 per week excluding flying (this covers accomm / glider hire / other ancillary costs)
• Individual flying bills will depend on the amount of flying undertaken. Typical aerotow cost is £60. There will be no soaring fees. Aerotow bills will be split 70/30% between student and instructor unless otherwise agreed.
• A typical flying bill after 2 weeks will be in the region of £500.

Final figure will depend on how much flying you do! On average, pilots can expect to gain 35 flying hours during the exped.