CGC Location

We are based at RAF Halton near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.  We are near the A41 and 20 mins away from the M25.  You can also arrive by train from Euston into Tring or Marylebone into Wendover or Aylesbury.


RAF Halton is a strictly PPR airfield

EGWN - RAF Halton AB 370' AMSL

"Halton Radio" 130.425MHz

Grass runways aligned 02/20 and 25/07 with parallel winch runs.

No overhead joins - all joining aircraft must call Halton Radio and be prepared to route via the local VRPs of Terrick and Lakes.

Glider circuits are to the south and east and power to the north and west and there exists a glass wall down the runway centreline to enable conjoint operations.  This wall extends to the lateral limits of the ATZ, 2nm horizontally and 1,700' vertically and should not be crossed without radio contact.  RAF Halton and its airspace is very busy both at weekends and during the week with its own traffic and also traffic routing out of Denham and Elstree and as such lookout is vital in the local area.