CGC Flying fees


    Scale A Scale B* Scale C
    All regular servicemen, including the TA, RAuxAF, RNR, and uniformed Cadets All other members, including service dependents.  All civilian members of other RAFGSA, AGA, and RNGSA clubs All BGA Visitors
Annual Membership Single 100 150.00 N/A
Family 140.00 200.00 N/A
Junior ranks and cadets 60.00    
Members' Guests rate (max 2) 11 + scale A flying fees 11 + scale B flying fees N/A
Trial Lesson 50.00
Flying fees Winch 5 6 8
Aerotow (2000') 17.50 20.0 27.50
Motor Glider 42.50 51.50 65.50
per 500' after 2000' A/T 5.00 6.00 7.50
Aerotow retrieve (per tacho hour) 138.00
Soaring fees 15p/min or 20p/min depending on type.  Turbos 25p/min N/A
Turbo time 1 per hundredth tacho unit N/A

* NB - The only route to membership for those not falling within Scale A is to write a formal letter of application to the Officer i/c for consideration by the committee.

We are required to adhere to extremely stringent regulations regarding Associate membership