Team arrive in Sisteron

16th April 2017 admin 0

The tri-service expedition, Parcours Combattants, has arrived in Sisteron, France. The group of 30 individuals will be spending the next 2 weeks mountain soaring across the Southern Alps. More updates to follow…


Chile 2016

15th November 2016 admin 0

With no gliding planned on Saturday (or, indeed, advisable after our late night festivities!) we headed off for a last day of sightseeing and shopping. This included a great visit to the Chilean Aerospace Museum, where we were pleased to see a number of gliders on display, including the Blanik that Alejo Williamson famously flew across the Andes on 12 December 1964.   From there, it was to the airport and the shock of transitting through Toronto in temperatures of -23°C. We are all now safely home, apart from Norm’s bag (which is still holidaying in Canada), so it is Read More

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