Chile 2016

15th November 2016 admin 0

With no gliding planned on Saturday (or, indeed, advisable after our late night festivities!) we headed off for a last day of sightseeing and shopping. This included a great visit to the Chilean Aerospace Museum, where we were pleased to see a number of gliders on display, including the Blanik that Alejo Williamson famously flew across the Andes on 12 December 1964.   From there, it was to the airport and the shock of transitting through Toronto in temperatures of -23°C. We are all now safely home, apart from Norm’s bag (which is still holidaying in Canada), so it is Read More

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Update Dec 2015

15th December 2015 admin 0

I will be out on operations from Dec 15 until Jul 16. I will have good connectivity from Minhad and therefore will remain as the RAFGSA Responsible Person. For practical purposes the day-to-day management of the RAFGSA will be undertaken by Dave Fidler. Dave is authorised to make all decisions regarding the management of the RAFGSA and to engage with 22 Gp with regard to the FDTC(H). Under the terms of the RAF SSMP, Dave is not authorised to accept any new risks without discussing them with me. Please give Dave your full support in my absence. Aye, John


Sisteron 2015

15th November 2015 admin 0

The next RAF GSA Expedition to Sisteron for mountain flyingin the French Alps will leave UK on Saturday 18 Apr and return to UK on Sunday 3May 2015. So far the Team consists of: Paul Moslin – Leader / Organiser& Mtn Instr DaveFidler – CFI / Mtn Instr TimDavies – Mtn Instr AndyHyslop – Mtn Instr NobbyClarke – part Mtn Instr PeteBrown – part Mtn Instr RogerWells – trg as Mtn Instr AlanSwan – trg as Mtn Instr PhilSturley – Mtn Instr (poss 1 week) Blog – please see Facebook Page for pictures/video and more First days flying….or not! A Read More

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